Friday, January 22, 2010

Seeing in 20/20

Picture it: only Tuesday and you're stuck in a 3 hour graduate seminar.
Sub-Picture it: you didn't sleep& you've had 3hours of class already.

What's going to wake you up--that's better than a TALL sugar-free redbull or a fresh-cut line of illegal amphetamine?
A well-kept, nicely-shaped mustache like this one:

No, John Stossel, you give ME a break.

This is the man responsible for reviving me on Tuesday with his aggressive approach to journalism and OF COURSE, his careful control over facial hair. What kind of a witness could lie to this luscious stache? NO ONE. John Stossel is hungry for the truth, and fortunately with a volumous flavor-saver like his, he can ALWAYS save some for later.


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