Sunday, October 10, 2010

Awkward Phillies Player #2: Roy Halladay

Would you believe the coincidences that are my life?
Roy Halladay, the semi-beard that I intended on diskussing today happens to have had his 2nd no hitter this year. I mean, all I wanted to say was that his scruff is really nice, but he happens to look good without it too.

And truthfully, this is even less of a coincidence than Finn's grilled cheesus this week on Glee. Except that grilled cheeseus answered my havarti prayers and convinced Ville Leino to grow back his playoff beard - its been only 2 weeks since I saw him on the news sans beard. How freaky is that?

But back to Roy Halladay. Way to tell the rest of the league to cram it by showing them all up with a no-hitter in game 1. That's the kind of confidence I like to see.

...And here are those awkward photos I promised. Just to make sure all you Phillies phans know he's human and does take awkward photos when forced. So you can stop praying to your Halladay jerseys now.

I guess now would be the appropriate time to say the following: That's really nice scruff you've got growing on there, and I'd call it 1/2 a beard officially. The length is Ideal. I mean, the saturation does wonders for it here. But I personally like Roy sans-beard because it makes him unique looking and the scruff just hides that.

And that's coming from a girl whose latino mami called her 'exotic looking'. No one has ever appreciated their german schnaze more (except Hitler! BADUM-TISH).

I sincerely apologize for the anti-semitic nature of my tasteless jokes. Shit's not kosher.

With that said, I probably can squeeze out one more remark about these stupid pictures.

Ummm.......DON'T MESS IT UP.

That's all I got. Sorry.


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