Friday, February 19, 2010

An Ode to a Mexican Pimp

aka Anthony Quinn (1915-2001)

So a little Wikipedia digging, and I came up with 15 reasons why everyone should love AQuinn and why hes the biggest pimp of all time. OFALLTIME.

1. He has this nice stache in Lawrence of Arabia:

2. He was born in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
2.5 [I would say he has a nice tan, but since hes mexican it doesnt count]
3. He looks scottish (maybes its the tweed hat/beard combo? see picture above)
4. His mother was of Aztec ancestry and his father of Irish-Mexican ancestry
5. He used to box professionally
6. He played Zeus on tv (I mean, hell-er)
7. Just dropped by Gotti's criminal trial, probs to chat. Old wiki says:

he wanted to portray Castellano, who inspired the actor because he had had a "thirty-year-old" mistress, which Quinn believed was "a beautiful thing."

...And there that is. Now on to the bigpimpin
8. Had 5 children with 1st wife (1937-1965)
9. Had 3 children with 2nd wife (1966-1997) [thats 8 kids]
10. Had two other kids at sometime in the 70s [I don't blame him, it was the 70s]
11. Divorced 2nd wife cause he had a lovechild with his secretary at 78 years old
12. Had another child at 81 years old [thats a total of 12 kids people!]
13. Proceeded to marry said slutty secretary in 1997

14. Thats a grand total of 57 years difference between the oldest and youngest child. YOWZA!!

15. Look at him in his pinstripe suit, smoking his pipe and being prepared with that gun behind his newspaper (that means hes educated&shit). And dont forget the stache. Dont ever forget the stache. It has POWER-STACHE written all over it!


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