Saturday, February 27, 2010

Its February! aka Black People Month!

Okay, so the title isn't exactly 'PC' but being PC is overrated, and not on this site is 'PC', so deal with it. bitches.

And you know who didn't go to jail because its black month and shits not kosher? Lil Wayne.
And you know who I have a wall dedicated to? Lil Wayne.
And you know who doesn't have a nice crustache but does have nice dreads and pjs (oh hey burberry!)? Lil Wayne.

And you know who does have a nice crustache?

My homeboy Michael Jordan. He was definitely my 1st crush. Heck yes I was about staches when I was 7.
I was born with aspirations people.

This might be the best picture of all time. What's so perfect about it? The man clearly was born to sell Coca-Cola. And play basketball. Which one does he do better? Well I'm refilling my cup of Coca-Cola Classic right now, so theres that.

The shirt. It looks like one of those vacation shirts that change in the sunlight, and who doesn't look fashionable in those? Well I can't speak for you, but me and MJ (not to be confused with Michael Jackson) certainly do. And even though those Nike shorts look like they could out-constrict an anaconda, he seems comfortable in his sports attire, so hats off to him.

And whats actually the best thing about this photo is how very much it reminds me of Garth in Reebok:

"It's like people only do things because they get paid. And that's just really sad."

Just a quick shout-out to Garth for completing my life, ereday.

Before I start professing my love to all things of the Garth-persuasion, lets get back to Black month.

Here is a not-so-nice crustache, but its okay cause Jagged-Edge, 'Where The Party At?' is my jam. Puhleze, its everyones jam. Spread some Skippy on it and the party is wherever you are, my friend.

This picture is the dopest thing to come out of Philadelphia since TastyKakes. And possibly the epitome of the 'crustache'.

But, oh wait guys. There is a winner today, and this winner has moves so smooth you'd think he'd have shaved. Not a chance in hell.

Carlton Banks. Carlton Banks

I would never leave you guys without this moment of glory:



  1. best. video. ever.
    let's just say Fresh Prince is like a delicious ice cream sundae. Will is the ice cream, Uncle Phil is the whipped cream, and Carlton is the cherry on top of everything. perfection. I often aspire to dance like him. =P

  2. can't see the video cause i'm at work (boo & hiss). But this entry is HILARIOUS. McNugget and I are both laughing.

  3. P.S.
    "Heck yes I was about staches when I was 7.
    I was born with aspirations people."

    this made me LOL.


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