Friday, March 19, 2010

Bo Who?

So I had no idea who this dude was before he made headlines for his haircut on People.

His beard is average at best. I'm torn and can't decide how I feel about him. I mean I'm sure he SUCKS since he was on American Idol. That's really just a show for singers who are sub-par by today's standards, which means they sound worse than Miley Cyrus. yikes.

But I mean that I'm torn about his hair. Like I LOB grunge and nearly anything that came out of the 90s besides Seinfeld, and he totally has the grunge look down:

Well, all but that shirt. Cause we know thats not from any decade. But the thing about the grunge look is, he doesn't rock it. Were Kurt Cobain walking around today looking like he did in 1990, no one would question him because he owns that shit. Bo Bice? Just a pissed-on tween who missed the golden days of grunge. And you know he has a crush on Chris Cornell (who doesn't? He looks GOOD) cause he definitely took this picture to his stylist. Unfortunately for him, no one in their right mind would perm that fistful of hairs he calls a mane. Here is said picture because I am oh-so kind and am genuinely concernikist about your well-being:

omg, nice goatee!

But apparently he's ditching whatever Rock he claimed to have before like a dirty ho and has gone country. Because of his midlife crisis, he no longer idolizes Chris Cornell every second of every day (blasphemy!!) but now idolizes that lame actress from that nearly as lame tv show from the 90s FRIENDS.

You see what I mean? He got the 'Rachel'! Highlights and all! wtfwtfwtf!

The verdict is in: Bo Bice officially BLOWS GOATS (I have proof.)


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  1. oh the rachel comparison has me laughing. I <3 PowerStache.


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