Thursday, March 11, 2010

Name that Stache!

Oh sweet 6lb. 8oz. baby Jesus, its Alex Trebek's stache back from the grave of sinful shaving.

Funfact: Jeopardy and Trebek's stache are actually one entity.
Funfact: Trebek is significantly more creepy and less trustworthy sans stache.
Funfact: I remember being emotionally distraught as a child when he shaved his stache.
Funfact: The only reason why Jamal can watch Jeopardy in Finding Forrester is because of Sean Connery's beard.
Funfact: There are zero (thats so many!) reasons to watch Jeopardy with a stacheless Trebek.

What a distacheter!!!!

Oh shoot! remember February's winning stache? It's back! and completely relevant! WOW, thats so rare!

Learning the following two facts made me have a spazz attack this morning:
1. Carlton has a name (its Alfonso Ribeiro)
2. Alfonso Ribeiro (and his famous crustache) host a game show, on my favorite game show channel, the Game Show Network!

Now I have no clue what this game is actually about, cards, trivia, or whatever since I don't have a tv (gasp). But believe me when I say it would be new favorite show considering Carlton's hosting a game show. And thats exactly what it is, and I can only fathom it being nearly as entertaining the Fresh Prince reruns.

What is actually more entertaining than reruns of Fresh Prince is the love of my life, Chuck Woolery!!!

Again, why don't I have a tv? I can't exactly explain why, but I am completely and utterly obsessed with Chuck Woolery and his lovely late-night game show, Lingo. Maybe its his charm, his good looks, his winning smile, his crude jokes about balls, or his super hosting skillz that counter the fact that the contestants on Lingo are the most boring and unanimated people alive. I often debate [with myself of course] whether its a game about spelling under the illusion of pressure, or if its a reality tv show about people born without personalities. Fortunately, Chuck has enough personality to go around.

The man says he'll be back in 2-and-2 and no one doubts him. And he achieves this feat [I would have added amazing there, but I've begun to question my judgement skillz] sans stache. Now we all know that I am a fan of blanketed-overstatements and we also all know that wearing a stache makes one significantly more trustworthy [unless its a pedostache], but this man doesn't need a stache to gain my trust.
We salute you Chuck! Scha-wing.



  1. Bruiser, you're obvs responsible for keeping the stache-keg full& the party (that is going- thanks!

    This post explains why I NEEDED you to write this blog with me...

    "what is spelling 'skills' with a 'z,' Alex (mit stache)"


  2. Alex Trebek and Michael Jordan are awesome. Oh, and so are you!!!

  3. ...when is carlton's--i mean, alfonso's--game show and why haven't i heard of it.
    i'm so glad his stache-a-riffic face is still on tv :)


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