Sunday, November 21, 2010

That's a REAL Sports Stache

Sorry for being lame recently. You guys deserve an epic sports stache this week - and believe me, it does not disappoint.

For this stache we venture outside of the immense USA across the ocean to Portugal. Google Maps has not figured out how to get between these two countries, if you are interested, which means no jet skiis. Boo.

Football coach and former player, Artur Jorge is the coolest Portugeseian I have ever seen.

He is right up there with Sam Elliott for upper-liplessness - such an important quality! Such a full and dark moustache is too much cool for one coach. The hat seems to be a ladies-deterrent. Do what you can buddy, but I don't think one ill-fitting bucket hat is going to keep the ladies away from that stache for long. Especially with that adidas sweatshirt. Rawr.

This is the first evidence of a quality moustache in the sport of football (aka soccer) to be seen by Power-Stache. Now that I know it exists, more will be uncovered for sure. Until then, you enjoy this BK Triple Stacker - it has bacon on it. Delish.


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