Friday, December 17, 2010

Hungry for Mutton Chops?

Oh hot damn. Who ever thought that anyone outside of a Jane Austin film could look good rocking mutton chops? Well the guy who I walked by every day last year couldn't, but one of the greatest presidents certainly has:

Theodore Roosevelt circa 1880 in his Harvard days.  Here is evidence that once upon a time not every guy who came out of Harvard looked like Mark Zuckerberg.  Oh, the days before scholarships and free-rides!  Harvard, you have really backpedaled. But seriously, he must have driven the feminists WILD back in the day. And we all know that his story doesn't end with mutton chops!

That moustache! It's like 1/2 of Sam Elliott's stache, but far superior to most moustaches.  You know when he made a metaphor about 'carrying a big stick' he really meant 'wear an awesome moustache'.  Why do you think Hitler had one? Persuasive? That's an understatement.

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