Sunday, March 13, 2011

If I Were an Athelete...

...I'd be as inappropriate as possible (short of committing any real crimes, of course).  Randy McCament had the right idea.  Seductively posing on baseball cards is no big, but it gets you remembered by 7 year olds as 'that dude'.  My suggestion: show a little forearm.  Drives the all the single-moms crazy.

His moustache is looking absolutely rare.  It's so fresh and not unique (can you spot moustaches 2 and 3?) - the perfect Power-Stache candidate.  It has just occurred to me that he might be a porn-star by night; check my math: seductively posed athelete + 3 fine lookin' moustaches = a porn starlet.  Freshly-sanitized high-five for pulling that off (not a euphemism)!


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