Friday, March 11, 2011

Tim Curry Might Be as Sexy as Sexy Gets.

Here's a request I got this evening: 'please write about Tim Curry and his musical awesomeness and his movies and muppet movies and his fantasical sexiness that is his facial hair aka face pubes aka orgasms to the eyes aka he’s holding a cigarette and I want one'.  I will do everything in my power to make this happen.

Tim Curry is a brilliant master-mind of the theatrical world and today, what marks him above all others, is his amazing, silver goatee. Truly a necessity for aging men.  But back in his Rocky Horror days, he was such a sexy transvestite. PS- 'I'm coming home' is the best song from RHPS period. [Note how RHPS is almost the same thing as RHCP, at least to me in my drunken state].

For smoking in both photographs, he looks fantabulous. Just sayin'.

And I never thought that getting a 'boss' tattoo would have ever been sexy, but now I am reconsidering.

Although there are a million more things I could say about the genious of this man, I'll leave it at:  I'd still tap that.


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