Friday, June 11, 2010

Awkward Facial Hair Friday

No more rules. I'm going to write whatever the hell I want on Facial Hair Fridays. Enjoy

Well this is awkward. Thanks to the stache-tastic website, Awkward Family Photos - always a plethera of awkward staches. Let's look at what kind of flavor these guys are saving. All three sons are identical clones of their father, which is a ++PLUS++. 4x the stache = 4x the badass. Here are the family members in order from left top to right bottom: Red Forman's geeky younger brother, Vince Vaughn, the accountant, and the gay one. Have you seen a better gay stereotype? No you haven't. From his mullet, to the stache, to the M*A*S*H shirt, to the jorts with matching tube socks and trainers. I can just imagine the conversation: dad says to put on your best, and you can't wear your vintage bball shorts, and your tux is too formal, and your full-length denim is in the wash, and you're saving your button down for dancing. So clearly jorts and a graphic T is the way to go. My question for everyone involved in this photo is, why is he the one kneeling? There is clearly a deeper level of family jorts pride than we are aware of.

And this is what he wears on non-formal occasions:

Stay awkward,

1 comment:

  1. The dad is absolutly the coolest of the 4 of them. My favorite part is how they are all overlapping - imagine posing this shot - guy who couldnt iron his shirt... put your knee in his crotch. Now you in the back with the super-star shirt, straddle your brother's right leg. Atleast they all have good tans and nice hands.

    BTW - I think MASH stands for Mullet and Stache Hero.


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