Friday, June 4, 2010

Facial Hair Friday

Facial Hair Friday has returned!!! Perhaps to your pleasure or your dismay, but I don't know since you haven't expressed any feelings about Facial Hair Friday Pilot Post. Take 2!
[And I might have changed the rules to 100 words or less since this post works out to be 100 words exactly. And yes its just because I am very passionate about said subject. And yes I might change the rules again.]

MJ's new Hanes commercial!
MJ is an innovator. First, Air Jordans, then rebranding Coca-Cola. Now he's inventing new facial hair and has failed. Horribly. WTF man? I get that some people dig the soul-patch, for reasons which are beyond my comprehension, but really? Really MJ? Were you going for the symmetrical soul-patch or for the Hitler-crustache? 'Cause you got them both down and have therefore failed doubly. Fail^2. I think it's safe to say Hitler is horrified because you managed to make it completely uneven, and you're only working with 1 inch of facial hair! Hell-no!!!

Just stop it.

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