Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forte's Fake

Just because SNL is over for the season, doesn't mean we can't talk about it. And how about that guy Will Forte? He seems to be their go-to man for moustached characters and he is stachetastic. From Mr. Dillon in the Gilly skits to the ESPN announcer, Greg Stink, Forte has the mustache down to nearly natural.

Look at it! He loves it. I mean derr.

Lets discuss the acclaimed opposite band, Jon
Bovi. How good are they? Can someone find me a cd puhleze? Love all around for the Jon Bovi crew, including Seth Meyers, but I mean look at Forte's moustache. It has more volume than Jon Bon Jovi ever had in his heyday. And the gayest fishnet shirt I have ever seen. If only Stefon could get a piece of that action. THATS HOW YOU DO IT.

Another one of Forte's more clueless characters, Mr. Dillon is constantly duped by Gilly, but don't let that fool you - the man does know a thing or two about facial hair. It is the ideal middle-class mustache: a little on the thin side and extra lengthy, but still perfectly shaped to show his displeasure.

I can't wait to see more stachetastic characters from Forte come fall. Oh, and who can I talk to about more Jon Bovi Updates?


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