Friday, January 28, 2011

Naked Ankles

January is naturally the time for dreaming of warmer and more fabulous places. Most of America is pretty miserable from December 26 through April 10th.  And since the grass is always greener in Europe, I'm pretending to want to move to Italy.

Now my personal vacation 4 years ago in Italy was a minidisaster - everything that could go wrong did.  And I have some of my fondest memories from that trip.  Please don't ask me about the gypsy story, that one is too horrifying for words.  So I won't actually be moving to Italy anytime soon  ever.  But this business man gives Italy a good rep [Photo from].

The white pants and nautical blazer is a timeless look.  And for some sad reason, only Europeans are brave enough to go sockless with their loafers.  Look at all that leg he's giving us. Owow!

And this gentleman has embraced his baldness and gone for the Dome look.  See? I don't need to teach everyone how to look gud.  The shaved head really doesn't distract from his moustache.  And that moustache?  Well formed - in such a way that I can't imagine him without one.

He is using his moustache to his fullest advantage.  On him it is more of a daily accessory than an extension of his upper lip.  Much like his handkerchief or his cuff links.  The moustache totally makes the outfit.  Take notes hipsters.


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