Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeing McDouble

I am going to admit to being confused recently.  I am, in fact, a mere mortal, although I don't like to advertise it.  I must not pay any attention at all.

So I was watching the Capitals vs the Flyers and I was blown away - what was Claude Julien, of the Boston Bruins doing at the Capitals bench?  I was blown away and immediately googled the situation.

Who would have known it (likely everyone else besides me) that they are, in fact, two different peoples? Amazing, right?

Yes, they are two middle-aged white coaches who are bald and not the trimmest of folk.  Apparently thats where the similarities end, from what I can tell, but who would have known that?  Bald men are like people of a different race - they all look the same.

The pictures here should highlight the differences pretty well, although
Bruce Boudreau is slightly heavier.  Thats really the only definitive quality I can use to tell them apart. They're like the freaking Olsen twins: one is skeletal, and one is invisible if she turns sideways. Really slight differences.

And if you haven't been following the Flyers, you should all know Ville Leino's beard is looking fly.  Leino just happens to be #3 in +/-.

Don't tell me that it has nothing to do with the beard because it does.  And our homeboy Andrej Meszaros (also pictured) is #1 in +/-.  The beard is lucky for both of them.  It is totally back to playoff shape. Thats febreze fresh, mind you. Seriously Ville, call me.

 [Images:,, Photo by Jim McIsaac]

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