Sunday, January 9, 2011

Party Time! Excellent! is nearly over. That means that baseballs only 8 months away! Never too soon to start thinking about next years facial hair's and no-hitters. And in the spirit of New Years lasting all month long (or is it just my hangover?) I present to you a guy that knows how to party:

Yes....I am telling you that all you really need to have a proper fiesta is long hair and some rad shades. With those two things, you will be invincible! The frat party hero [still powerless against fire, falling, and ugly chicks. You've been warned].

If you need to get into the spirit of partying, sing to yourself (the volume is up to you) 'I've got 5,000 dollars!' while waving your arms above your head (preferably with sunglasses and long hair). Sets the mood every time.


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