Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moustached Astronauts

So I spent a good two hours looking at the wikipedia pages of every astronaut listed.  I was surprised at how few Astronauts had mustaches (although a lot more had moustaches than had beards).  I counted about 13% of astronauts had moustaches, whereas about 15% of the current male population has moustaches.  And these photos span the moustache-heavy years too.  So strange.

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you the best of the best of the men who work for NASA.

Every time I see this photo I get strangely girly inside.  Because I think that might be one of the best moustaches I have ever laid eyes on.  I do declare it Sam-Elliott-quality!
The shape, the color, the liplessness - so fucking IDEAL.
It's a shame such a glorious moustache died so young with David Griggs.  He was a dreamboat.

James Adamson shows off another terrific 'stache.  Not iconic in anyway, but really just right in every way possible.  And what a sexy suit!  I feel bad for the men and women who take their picture looking like either a criminal or a giant marshmallow.

Sherwood Spring sports such the BK combo - a luscious moustache and Nice Hair.  Zesty, I dare say.

If you happen to know an astronaut, encourage him to put down the razor.  We really need more moustaches in space.

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