Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playoff Beards

The Flyers are fresh off their amazing comeback over the Bruins Friday night. And so are their playoff-beards. Well, febreze-fresh that is. Naturally all hockey players have playoff facial hair in one form or another, but there are a few standouts. Take Simon Gagne for example.

Normally on the stubbly-side, Gagne's playoff-beard is lookin' fine.

Michael Leighton is the new goalie and I totally dig the full beard. It does look a little Keanu Reeves (his beard not his looks. well maybe a little of his looks too). But I'm confident he'll learn and let it grow a little longer. So much beard potential!

Look at this friggin' beard love connection: Ville Leino and Scott Hartnell
Leino's beard looks like its made of solid gold and Hartnell's beard is complemented by his jew-fro. What a combo! and by combo I definitely mean a large Steakhouse XT Burger combo with extra zesty sauce for your fries from BK. fucking delicious man.


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