Monday, May 24, 2010

Redford, Then and Now

Major realization today: Johnny Depp borrowed his acting chops (and facial-hair chops) from Robert Redford. It helps that he looks a lot like him. That was a surprise to me too. I always imagined that Brad Pitt or Owen Wilson were closer to Redford's doppelgangers, but look at these photos:

Holy Shit. Even though you can clearly see Paul Newman over his shoulder, I am completely convinced thats Johnny Depp in both pictures, with the same fantastic stache. Props to the guy for the quality stache, but I imagined he was more of 'a man of many mustaches'. But look at their expressions: Redford's stache doesn't even quiver as he prepares to pistol-whip the chump who calls him a cheat. You know who that chump is? Sam Elliott. As nice as Redford's stache is, Elliott's stache can bend Sundance Kid's bullets.

Back to Depp. His expression is slightly exaggerated but still similar to Redford's. One elicits annoyed, the other concerned. Jack Sparrow's stache actually looks a lot like Redford's here too, but the pictures deceiving. All the points Depp loses with his scraggly Sparrow stache are made up by his epic beaded goatee. Epic as in I may have once had goat cheese so good that I mentioned in public that I would marry it (yes, I do mean the goat). That epic. Plus he's sexy as hell. Johnny Depp, not the goat.

To Johnny Depp, the modern Robert Redford (and his moustaches). Scha-wing.



  1. Okay, seriously, can i request more blog entries about Johnny? I LOVE him. seriously. as in, i want to redo mcNugget's room in a johnny depp theme. hero to the boys, eye candy for the girls - he's just so perfectable.

  2. haha i'll try to squeeze him in more often


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