Friday, July 2, 2010

Mustache Modeling

There is a real lack of facial-haired models and that saddens me. Thank gawd the Sartorialist understands our plight.

Whatever Italyian designer this is is clearly progressive and I like it. Normal designers pick clean-shaven boys so you aren't distracted by their faces and only look at their clothes. Now this designer understands women and when women (I should specify - straight women and gay men) buy expensive faux-outdoors-wear for their boyfriends, they are going to buy from the lines that advertise Manliness [capitalized because I'm prettysure its a religion. Or an art movement].

And we all know models are not manly since you can see the estrogen on their faces. But in theory, they probably have some testosterone left if they are able to grow facial hair. And at this point, 'probably' is good enough for us. Unlike Valvoline, where 'probably' doesn't cut it. And I hope that the dude in this commercial never cuts his dreads:


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