Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sport Stache Sundays

So I didn't write a Facial Hair Friday. Whoops. But it's all good cause I was doing important things like eating steak. And maybe some research. I was at Mike Ditka's restaurant infact. True story.

Nice cartoon stache Ditka.

Really Important Segway - Sport's Stache Sundays!

So I totally ate at a football coach's restaurant on Friday and therefore should start writing about the plethora of sports staches on the Sabbath.

I said it was an important segway - not a particularly good segway. But there it is.

....So let's discuss Ditka's stache, shall we?

I love this picture. I chose it because he totally looks like he is trying to sell you a single family home in an area with decent public schools at best. He sends you magnets every year with his face on it and Christmas cards reading 'Mike Ditka wishes you and your family a joyous and safe holiday' When he really means he wants you to call him come April to sell your house. What a large relator he would be!

But we all know this picture is for some annual picture-day with the Bears. Yet it still looks eerily similar to my senior picture. It is quite possible that the photographer lied about his professional experiences and was truly a high school photographer:
Sit on the stool and put your feet on the x's. Place you left hand on your knee and your right hand on your left elbow. Tilt your head *just* so....This is looking really good. Now hold still and imagine you're weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny seahorses....I think that one is going to come out really nice. Movie quote digression [lolz].

What do you think of his stache? or his hair? I think it is a very specific type of mustache and hair. It is a coach's stache. With Nice Hair. I'm kindof afraid I will wake up and his mustache will be here waiting to chastise me for mocking him. I'm not sure if there is another way to categorize it. It's a Sports Stache.


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  1. Seriously, this is HILARIOUS. I <3 mike ditka. Very glad for sports stache sundays.


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