Friday, July 2, 2010

'Probably' Is Good Enough For Castrol Oil

So in writing this weeks Facial Hair Friday post, I came across this commercial and I couldn't resist adding my personal commentary. I mean, this commercial was made for this blog. Probably [see what I did there?].

View 0:00 - Check out that stache! I will forever associate Castrol Edge with decent average staches and full heads of hair.
View 0:03 - Enter slap-happy Scotsman with a fake beard. Ginger.
View 0:12 - Balding bowler [who hangs out with pattern-baldness nerd and black dude with normal hair and beard? what?]
View 0:15 - Average commercial Joe wearing plaid and scruff. This is why everyone hates America.

For future reference, I really ought to call lame facially-haired men who think with their dipsticks 'Jimmy'.


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