Friday, July 30, 2010

A Friday Worth Giggling About

In the spirit of writing this minutes before midnight, I decided to go with a mustache that is easy on the eyes...

Lol - jk! This picture was captioned "these are my casserole pants". Heck yes those are his casserole pants. I wouldn't want to eat a casserole where he didn't wear those pants. Some pants are special, and it takes a special person to recognize that. Take my 'african pants' for example. They should actually be renamed 'friends pants' because wearing those pants is an invitation for anyone to talk to me. I met over 15 people on one walk, all who were drawn by the magic of the pants.
Why should this man be any different? Yes there is a secret ingredient in his casserole and it has something to do with nylon. When you try to floss out blue and teal swirls from your tooth with extra threads from his waistband, you can barely notice his sub-subpar mustache. At least it makes mario and luigi laugh.
But not only is his casserole delicious, it appears that one can decorate with it as well! I'd like to order 2 rolls of vegetable casserole wallpaper, puhleaze.


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