Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gold Medal Hair

Today's post is not about amazing facial hair, but instead about Nice Hair. Honestly, it's pretty amazing.

Ryan Smyth of the LA Kings (what a gay hockey team name!) should never wear a helmet and risk damaging his golden locks. His hair makes Farrah Fawcett (rest her soul) weep.

Ryan Smyth must be a hair idol to men everywhere, considering he was 32 when this picture was taken. Even George Clooney envys his fuller, more youthful hair.
And this guy sure has some balls to walk around with perfectly flipped hair these days. But he is an ath-e-lete, so anyone who messes with his hair won't fair well in a fight. Let alone a hockey fight. It's almost like they get paid to do it.
Just like Ville Leino's beard gives Finland a good name, Ryan Smyth's tousled tresses finally give 'hockey hair' a good name. The 'Ryan' may be the new 'Rachel'.


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