Friday, August 27, 2010

The Living Simpsons

This is the real-life version of the Simpsons. They don't resemble them physically, but they do have the same family relationship. You have the concernikist Marge, nerdy Lisa, mischievous Bart and the dad with a drinking problem. He even affectionately strangles his son like Homer. They are also a little more Pennsylvania-Amish (i.e. the quilt background) than the Midwest-suburban Simpsons.

This dad looks like a real Casanova unlike Homer, who looks like he shouldn't have a babe like Marge for a wife. And all Casanova's have beards [except Heath Ledger, 'cause he had lady-skillz sans beard]. Men with beards make awful husbands. Its evolution baby - humans are not traditionally monogamists and bearded men are holding on to their gene-given rights with their faces. But I digress.

In summary, this guy is the George Clooney version of Homer Simpson. And that really doesn't upset me.


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