Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vincent Price is the Devil

For everyone's sake here, I hope that you all have seen The Great Mouse Detective. It is about Sherlock and Watson Basil of Baker St. and Dr. Dawson fighting the evil Professor Ratigan.

Professor Ratigan is truly evil in every way [except that he is missing a particularly evil mousetache]. And his evilness is attributed to the voice of Vincent Price. It's okay that Ratigan doesn't have a stache because Vincent Price has enough for any normal human plus a cartoon rat.

Vincent Price is the wicked creature on the left and on the right is boring Ronald Coleman. What isn't villanesque about Price? The pinstripe pants matched with a crushed velvet jacket, the napkin he made into a tie, and the pointy- A) goatee, B) moustache, C) eyebrows, or D) hairline make this guy's house the best to visit on halloween. He probably gave out king-sized candy bars too.
The way his hair is styled even gives the illusion of horns on his head. This man is scary dope and no fuck he was the go-to man for all things scary. He is even the voice of Thriller! Even better, he narrated Alice Cooper's concert/movie. This man is scary-dope.


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