Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're still out! You'rre still fat!

I realize it's been a lot of baseball staches so far, but I couldn't resist this gem:

As funny as getting hit in the groin with a baseball is, what's truly funny about this card is the face. Ignoring his momentary agony, why the hell is his stache crooked? Looks fake to me. A good mustache should always move with the mouth. Plus he looks like he just might cry. It's okay because he's also wearing a softball uniform. You can tell by the cut on the sleeve that it's for sissys.

Another burning question is, who gets to decide what photos to put on baseball cards and how does one acquire such a job? I could have photographers throw baseballs at players all day, just for my amusement. Another question, what child want's this photo in their card collection? I would be uncomfortable allowing my child to muse over it in a collection. "Sorry son, daddy accidentally burnt it with his cigarette. Went up in flames. Wish you could have seen it."

You know, he might just be auditioning for the part of Clark in Benchwarmers. Keith would make a good paper boy.


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