Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pete Ladd Yankovic

Pete Ladd played for the Mariners over 80 years ago and is Weird Al's maternal grandfather. See the family resemblance?

I'm serious about the resemblance part, kidding about the family part. The dude is the Weird Al of baseball. With a slightly better mustache. Al Yankovic must have written a song about baseball at one point in time.

Funfact I just learned: Pete Ladd once injured Rollie Fingers. Thats some hot gossip. Ladd was clearly jealous of the best stache in baseball (who isn't?) and tried to take him out himself. Some people can deal with Weird Al look-a-like competition, some people can deal with mustache competition, but never both. That's just too much dealing to stay sane. Or out of jail.


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