Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Skache

The Skache [aka Skate-Stache] sounds like ca$h because its made of money baby!!!

Patrick Melcher is a professional skater and has the 2nd best mustache in the world. Now, we all know thats not true, but he likely had the 2nd best mustache in the competition - a small minority of the number of mustaches out there. But I'm digressing.

Either way, its a high-quality stache. Even though Melcher teeters on the edge of hipster, he's okay in my book. He simply has fewer talents in this world to devote his time to than us ordinary folk- he isn't using it to express his artistic side which is hidden by his punk skating exterior. noway nohow.

This dude really invests his time and palmade into his extra-curriculars. He can have an air high-five.

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