Friday, February 11, 2011

The Back of Your Head is Ridikilous

Are you guys having the dopest Black People Month ever? If you aren't, get up and go to BK like you know you want to do. Right now. Pick me up some fries with Zesty sauce. It's like Outback's Bloomin' Onion for poor people.

So as promised, I present to you another black person to celebrate this Facial Hair Friday.  So I never got to see this individual's face, but walking behind him was a blessing enough for me.

Can I hav your numba? Can I have it? Own that ponytail. Work that updo!

20 years of hair growth is never something to kid about.  This shit is serious and should be respected.  Shits Noicce. The hair really *pops* on the denim-on-denim background.  Really a stunning image.

So can I have it?

PS - Also in this image is the only trashcan in Boston. How fortunate for you all to see this rarity! Next time I want to throw something out, I'll have to remember that theres one in Chinatown. A contrast to the number of tacobells in the city, of which there are none.

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