Friday, February 18, 2011

Nike Owns Black History Month Now

Leave it to Hitler-Stache Michael Jordan to make all of February about himself.  Not only does he have madaam tussauds (I mean, he looks good), but Air-Jordans for Black People Month too? Now that just ain't right.

Let me google that for you

Nike releases special-edition shoes just for Black History Month.  Umm, okay.  Your customers are largely fashionable.  Fact.  So no sentimental feelings are going to bring them into the store.  They want dope looking shoes, and they don't want a lesson on their struggles for equality.  So Nike - stop making shoes for MLK Jr, and start making shoes for your customers.  [And ps - keep up the good work cause those shoes are sexy as hell!]

I mean damn! These go with my white-girl blazer and my black girl jeans.

Now get crackin' on some shoes in honor of my girl Whoops.

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