Friday, February 4, 2011

Whisper Sweet Nothings

Happy Black People Month! One of my very favorite times of the year!

This year, we ain't fucking around - we're jumping right into all of the crustaches and afros full throttle. If you don't like it, you can leave.

Here are all of the things that make up a Supergroup that people need in their lives:
1. Color coordination. Let us note their impeccable taste. Black men know how to color coordinate - it's genetic.

2. Large hair. Afros are the definition of large hair. And equally in this category are nice domes, because if a man's got a dome, you don't miss the hair.

3. Moustaches - duh. And the Whispers have a 2-for-1 special!

4. Beards. Salt 'n Peppa' makes it even betta'

5. Mixed heights of group members. Yes this is an odd trait but the Red Hot Chili Peppers did it, and so did Simon and Garfunkel.

The Whispers have all of those things. View it and be amazed:

You're welcome. Happy Black People Month!

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