Friday, February 25, 2011

Classic Crustache

Richard Pryor had one of the most beloved crustaches of all time. It was meaty and definitely not creepy. The man looked far better with his moustache (I don't need to beg the question 'who doesn't?' right now do I?) than sans moustache.

The reason is hiding the upper lip worked great for him. If you look at him sans-stache, you can still see where it should be, a phantom stache perhaps?

That moustache is such an accessory - like some men wear bolo ties. Ones that can't wear moustaches I guess.

As a comedic actor, with good material mind you, he didn't necessitate the moustache for laughs or attention. Unlike whatever douche I saw on Comedy Central today - Patrick Fox? What an asshole. He needs to shave that booger off his face and stop giving moustaches a bad name. Pryor's stache is all kinds of class and zero kinds of crass. Plus his afro is all kinds of awesome. Too bad comedy will never look this good again (except maybe David Spade. He looks fine in those 7UP commercials.)

-bruiser                                                                             (via source and source)

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