Sunday, February 13, 2011

BBall Beards

Sports seem to be disproportionately be repped by Black People.  This isn't exactly true because that only really includes basketball and football, which is just half of popular sports. 2/5ths if you include curling. Seems fair for a minority that has superior physical abilities, no?

They also underrep the facial haired population.  This is also fair because A) they're a minority and B) it is no longer the 70s (unfortunately).  The Knicks, however, appreciate facial hair.

These beards are off the hook.  So far Power-Stache has only explored the trim, unkempt, and lumberjack beards.  But here we see men who view beard trimmers as tools of artistic expression.  If this isn't inspiration at its finest, I don't know what is.

I adore Felton's linear look - simple, yet incredibly unique.  It screams 'I'm formal, but I know how to party', whereas Curry's beard means business. Curry's is very flattering, and  it might be the reflection of his hairline.  I'm digging the symmetry.

Turiaf looks like the love child of Jesus and Lenny Kravitz.  Just try to unsee that. - Who knew a love child of Jesus could look like they'd beat the crap out of you at any moment?

Now if one of these guys would only have the balls to grow a stache.

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