Friday, September 3, 2010

Billy Goat Gruff

Now that we are all beginning to get comfortable with a clean-shaven Brad Pitt again, I can't resist revisiting Billy Goat Brad...via Rob Lowe. It just doesn't make sense.

Appurantly (from, not as trustworthy as wikipedia) Rob grew out a goat beard for a role on Californication this past spring. The 'do doesn't last long (I hope the beanie made it into the incinerator) but we still have to scold him for his foolish choice. He clearly didn't realize he risked his career over it - fortunately Hollywood is willing to forgive his folly.

It's even worse than Brad's. Thats not a real goatee - thats armpit hair glued to his face.

Rob - just stick to oversized suits, real men haircuts, and pralines and dick ice cream.


Next week: clean-shaven Brad Pitt

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