Friday, September 17, 2010

Writers Have Moustaches

ATTENTION: Factual information (that's peer-reviewed, mind you!) about to be read. There is a strong correlation between successful writing and facial hair. Almost 1/2 of the first 30 most famous writers surveyed had facial hair at one point or another. So check it! Sporadically, I will share with you a writing mustache/and or other collective hairs in alphabetical order! Yay!!

Edwin Abbott Abbott

Author of Flatland, that book my stupid math professor kept telling us to read, cause it was, like, the best book ever written! What an awful professor. And by awful, I mean the worst. And speaking of the worst, Abbott had some pretty serious mutton chop issues. And hair trimming issues. Dude needs a haircut. Not too much else to say about that.

So...presenting writer with lame mutton chops!

...And no one cares!


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