Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Evidence that Staches are Muses

Almost as notorious as his Red Hot Chili Pepper counterpart, Anthony Kiedis, for his radical variety of hairstyles, John Frusciante is also not a stranger to the moustache. The thing I've noticed personally about JF's style is that it's a constant cycle - one day he shaves his head, and then he grows it out for a few years until he shaves it again. And my favorite part about all this is that he looks amazing with both buzzed and long hair - and we all know how I feel about long hair. You have to be a special person to pull of a shaved head - or have a genetically-superior shaped head.

Not only is his head superior [and his guitar playing skillz], but his hair growing skillz are also quite exceptional. The man has Nice Hair. Hair so nice I'd consider it greater than my own. I know, it's that good.

                                                                          Here is John at Woodstock.   
Thank GAHD he brought back the mow-hawk (faux-hawk?) - it's been far too long.

At this particular time, JF contemplated growing a moustache. Unfortunately for everyone alive, he happened to ask someone who was not a fan of the stache (blasphemy!) and we poor souls were denied more than his usual scruff (upon further examination, I'd declare it a psuedo-stache. It's really as close as scruff can get).

Maybe it's for the best that the mustache was killed at woodstock - the number of adolescent hipsters exposed to such quality facial hair could have caused an earlier outbreak of hipsterism. And there is nothing ironic about                                                                             that.

Be honest, have you ever seen a cuter pair of bifffles in your life?

In case anyone has ever wondered why By the Way is the best RHCP album, look no further than this particular photo. That moustache is the fur that forged 1000 riffs. Or something like that. As I've said before, moustaches foster creativity and are highly-correlated with great art, THUS the superiority of that album is due to the catalyst known as that good-lookin' stache. And by good-lookin' I mean great, highly attractive, sexy, or if you are not american, smashing and/or brilliant.

But I am sad. Sad because this is the only photo I've ever seen of the endangered Frusciante stache. Where did it go? If it still exists, what threats are to it presently? What about future threats, such as razor blades and lack of proper trimming? What can be done to ensure it persists into the next generation? If anyone has seen the elusive stache, please comment with a link to the evidence!

And here is a more current photo. If for some reason you aren't obsessively watching his every move, here's the lowdown - he quit RHCP to pursue his other musical interests - artistic or otherwise. And the reason why JF is my favorite musician is because he truly considers music to be an art and takes it very seriously. His best work is closely associated to this 'creating art' idea.

And you can see that he has been extremely creative because of the length of his beard. He looks like 'Father Art' to me. I can feel the groovy vibes radiating from it. I just hope that this is nearing the end of his hair-growth cycle. Everyone can appreciate a freshly shaved John.

Enthusiastically awaiting new facial hair/hair cut/album

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