Friday, October 1, 2010

Sexy Bears with Beards and Staches

I am so in love with Blogger's 'Stats' page they added recently. It tracks all of your blog traffic and gives you general information about your readers. It's far less stalkerish than I usually like to be, but it actually shows that more people love Power-Stache than my other stalker websites. And I have some serious stalker-skillz. I can find anyone on Facebook as long as I have two pieces of information about them. Impressive, right? I'm a weird creeper, cause I actually don't give two shits about anything that a Facebook page divulges other than a full name usually. In truth, its more for academic purposes - getting email addresses for group work and such. I know, lame right? My nerdiness and sense of responsibility will be my downfalls, I'm sure of it.

Now that I may or may have not sufficiently convinced you all that my Facebook creeping is innocent in nature, we can get back to the topic at hand - blogger stalking. It really just feeds my narcism. That and my family usually. If your family doesn't tell you how awesome you are all the time, get a new one. And if your family doesn't appreciate facial hair, get a new one. And if your family doesn't approve of you marrying your hockey-player-husband in your dreams, you may want to consider exchanging them as well. I know I have. Oh well. I digress. Again.

My favorite part of following what people do online is that I sometimes get to know what one searches in order to get to my blog. And because they are quite hilarious, I am going to share it all with you! I'm too kind, I know.

What kind of class does this institute solicit?  I really just don't want to know.

1.) the Jersey Shore has infiltrated my pristine temple to facial hair. 
2.) power stache - obvi 
3.) "big hair" mascot furs is EVERYTHING that this blog is about. Fact. I just wonder how far gone you have to be to type that specific combination of words into a search engine. What exactly are you expecting to find? 
4.) i totally ate at a football. How the FUCK does this search lead one to Power-Stache? There are just no words. 
5.) muskrats mustache makes sense, but why would anyone desire to view a muskrat's mustache? 
6.) clearly.
7.) rape stache. Interesting choice of words. I mean, we have discussed the rape stache which did not get Power-Stache's seal of approval. But there are so many better staches to view.
8.) sexy bears with beards and staches sounds like I need to expand my subject matter. Not only is there a market for bears with beards AND staches, but there is also a market for sexy bears. I may have hit the jackpot with that one.
9.) this ones probably from myself. whoops
10.) this one is definitely an international search. Which means Power-Stache is important. Likely from my excessive and tasteful use of italacks. 


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