Friday, October 15, 2010

That's A Dope Stache You Have There

Eric Clapton is obsessed with mustaches. And its cool 'cause I'm obsessed with Eric Clapton.

It's in the way that you use it. 

He looks GOOD. I mean back in the day. And today too. He's pretty much a 60 year old dreamboat. Hes aged really well for being a victim of the 60s.

But this album cover! Looks a little like Jesus to me. Which is simply due to the long hair/beard combination christians have propagated for eternity. Either way, his hair is GORGE. I want to pet it. And thats a long-lookin' stache. It's actually pretty serious. Can you imagine witnessing the blues come out of that thing in its prime? I mean, I would actually have fainted, but in theory, its a nice thing to imagine staying conscious to see.
It is difficult to discern (what a large word!) where his hair ends and his beard begins. Which is awesome and should be patented to fat women with high levels of testosterone. Instant face thinning and an attractive beard? Bonus!

When he was with Cream, they smoked a lot of who-knows-what and wrote a song called SWLABR. Now kids, if you think anything on this blog is remotely messed up, try writing a song that's title is an acronym. I think it's weird, but technically it's probably dope. (It stands for 'She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow' btws).

And in SWLABR, Cream refers to a girl (clearly a heartbreaker) who APPURANTLY was a fake. BIG F-ING SURPRISE THERE. Wow. Thats so rare! A girl who turned out to be a liar. Because I've never heard that one before.
So anyway, they say that shes like a picture with a mustache or a rainbow with a beard or something. Which makes sense. If she wore a mustache/beard, it means that shes super-attractive on the outside but just a stupid double rainbow painting on the inside. And no one wants that. Cause who knows what it means anyway?

Hey Clapton, we all know that Flavor-Saver is saving more than that burrito. That's clever.


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