Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phinal Awkward Players

The Phils are done for the season. So now its time to briefly summarize the rest of the noteworthy facial hairs of the team.

Some of you may have noticed a few soul-patches out there. Obviously this is very unsophisticated facial hair - that goes without saying. What I did want to point out to you was this strange similarity:

 Chase Utley is the spawn of Brad Lidge + Raul Ibanez. That is all.

Remember that song - Pants on the Ground? Thats what Ryan Howard reminds me of. Fix your damn hat, son.

I actually like Shane Victorino's chin fur. Not in general practice since moustaches are far superior, but I think it suits him well. And sometimes thats the most important thing.

And Jimmy Rollins - the precision - the man understands detail. And where detail is important. And detail is ALWAYS important on one's face.

So bravo! You by far have the best facial hair on the Phils - not the hardest competition to win, but it should still be worth something. Like a sticker. Or the satisfaction that you don't look like a multi-million dollar fool.


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